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Benefits Of Using MEAN Stack For Application Development

Benefits Of Using MEAN Stack
MEAN Stack

Application Development is a modern and evolving trend for JavaScript development. MEAN is basically an acronym of:

M: MongoDB:

It is the open-source, free, cross-platform database for JavaScript. It uses JSON document-oriented style for all the data representation. The logic behind choosing MongoDB is that it restricts us to just one language-JavaScript for the whole application development.

E: ExpressJS :

Express.js is one of the most vital tools for developing effective mobile and web applications. It is the minimal framework for web development using Node.js. However, its functions are pretty massive. It is possible to build a whole website just using Node.js and Express.js. The combination enables us to build software on the server-side in which Node.js is essential, while Express.js helps to publish the app on our website. It offers a diverse variety of features like database integration, simplified multiple routing, template engines.

A: AngularJS:

It is a front-end JS framework that extends HTML with few new attributes. It is used in developing client-side applications with modular code and a data binding User Interface. It is absolutely perfect for developing (SPAs) Single Page Applications. It is easy to learn.

N: Node.js :

Node.js is a very powerful, open source, cross-platform JavaScript-based run-time framework built on Google Chrome’s JSV8 engine. Being a completely free platform, it is used by thousands and thousands of developers around the world. It combines with ExpressJS for the application development.