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About Us

Outsourced Hiring-Engineer Placement

About: SuperDNA TechnoLab

At SuperDNA TechnoLab, our name reflects our ethos—infusing the DNA of technological brilliance in every project we undertake. With a legacy that spans across continents, from the bustling lanes of Boston to the historic charm of Amsterdam, we are more than just a tech agency; we are your strategic partners, committed to transforming your digital aspirations into tangible realities.

Our Mission

Trust / Transparency

In an ever-evolving tech landscape, trust is the cornerstone of every successful collaboration. At SuperDNA, we value transparency as much as we value our coding standards. Every decision, every strategy, every line of code is executed with an unwavering commitment to integrity and openness.

Enabling Businesses to Thrive

We understand the challenges businesses face, especially startups on the brink of monumental growth. Our mission is to shoulder your tech burdens, so you can focus on what you do best. For startups, our commitment goes deeper—we don’t just offer solutions; we become a part of your journey, scaling and evolving with you.

Our Team

Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of own spirit, which is the ultimate goal of all goals.


Jatinder Kukreja